Donor Gifts

Show appreciation through our donor gift stores

Show appreciation through our donor gift stores

The art of showing your constituents you care. The innovation of building a custom gift store. You increase engagement. Then, you strengthen donor relationships. We do the rest.

We handle the entire process, from A to Z

Your donors get to select the gift that is perfect for them

Product Selection

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Choose from a variety of high-quality products - customized with your logo - that your constituents will adore.

Eliminate Order Management

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Eliminate order taking, fulfillment, and inventory management. Our on-demand decorating translates to more free time to focus on what really matters.

Donors Decide

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Donors appreciate gift choices. Gifted with a code or card, they have the flexibility to choose their gift of choice.

How it works

How it works


Design your products

Send us your design and select your products.


Launch and promote

Spread the word about your online store.


Recipients order directly

Giftees orders directly with a gift card or gift code.


Printing and shipping

We handle all order management and will ship direct to your customers.

Popular customizable gift items