Conference Gifts

Keep your business on the mind of attendees through a custom gift store

Keep your business on the mind of attendees through a custom gift store

The conclusion of the conference means the beginning of new business with our unique, custom gift store. Adopt a better gifting process for attendees and speakers while enjoying all of the business generated from the experience.

A personalized gift-receiving experience without any extra work on your end

All-in-one corporate gifting for your event

Attendees choose their very own gift

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Finally, a gifting solution that doesn’t result in items left behind at the conference. We create a virtual store so that attendees can choose their own gift. All they need is a gift card or code, and they can begin shopping for your branded quality items.

Choose your timeline

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You decide when your store goes live for gift selection and fulfillment. Before the event, during the event, or after is completely up to you and your marketing goals.

The key to saving time at your upcoming conference.

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Our virtual conference gift shopping experience is big on attendee appreciation and business generation. And short on the stresses of inventory space, order management, and logistics/travel. Save time, add sales/clients.

How it works

How it works


Design your products

Send us your design and select your products.


Launch and promote

Spread the word about your online store.


Recipients order directly

Giftees orders directly with a gift card or gift code.


Printing and shipping

We handle all order management and will ship direct to your customers.

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